BDF’s central branch is in Jagdalpur. There are 23 BDF Branches across Chhattisgarh

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  1. 1. Main Branch, Balaji Ward
  2. 2. Vrindavan Branch, Vrindavan Colony
  3. 3. Madeena Branch, Anupama Chowk
  4. 4. Bodhghat Branch, Bodhghat Chowk
  5. 5. Geedam Road Branch, Geedam Road
  6. 6. Shantinagar Branch, Shanti Nagar
  7. 7. Kumharpara Branch, Kumharpara
  8. 8. Nayamunda Branch, Nayamunda
  9. 9. Dharampura Branch, Dharampura-2
  10. 10. New Bus Stand Branch, Bus Stand
  11. 11. Adawal Milk Parlour, Adawal
  12. 12. Pathraguda Branch, Bhangaram Chowk
  13. 13. Ms Milk Parlour, Dharampura-1
  14. 14. Nagarnar Branch, Nagarnar
  15. 15. KCR branch , HATKACHORA
  16. 16. Sangam milk parlour, jagdalpur



  1. 1. Aishwariya Dairy, Bhanpuri
  2. 2. Guru Dairy, Kondagaon
  3. 3. Pharashagaon Branch, Pharashagaon
  4. 4. Bhawani Daily Needs, Keshkal
  5. 5. Royal Dairy, Kanker
  6. 6. Mom's Dairy, Dhamtari
  7. 7. Khusi Milk Zone



  1. 1. Aashif Dairy, Geedam
  2. 2. Gupta Daily Needs, Dantewada
  3. 3. Jaiswal Daily Needs, Bacheli
  4. 4. Sibtaini Daily Needs, Kirandul
  5. 5. Sibtaini Daily Needs-2 , Kirandul


  1. 1. Goras Point, bhairamgarh
  2. 2. Milk Zone, Bijapur


  1. 1. Bhadhouriya milk zone
  2. 2. Bhadhouriya milk zone Tongpal


  1. 1. Nanda Milk Zone





I have a question/comment/complaint about a product or service. What should I do?

We recommend you to reach out directly to the respective branch first. If you don't get satisfied, request you to approach to our central office without any hesitation using the details in Contact Us section.


Whom do I contact for Sponsorship?

If you are looking for sponsorshop or donation of your initiative using our brand please contact us at Central Office.


Is it possible to get a visit (tour) at BDF Production location?

We are proud of our production location but unfortunately, due to Food safety and Hygeine regulations Visits, photos, Film Shots are not possible.


How can I apply for an internship at BDF?

Thank you for your interest in BDF. All information about both vacancies and internships can be found at our central office.