It all took shape with love for the pure milk:

The story of BDF and its relationship with milk took birth in 1977. BDF founder Mr. Mohammad Afzal Nagaria had a long term vision in his mind when BDF’s roots were getting shape in the town called Jagdalpur with the purpose of producing milk for own joint family. In a developing territory Jagdalpur of Chhattisgarh state of India - The initiative was highly risky and challenging considering the lack of support and expertise access available for Dairy industry in this region. But the noble work ethics, hard work, commitment, discipline and punctuality of founder that also got transmitted to future leaders of BDF made it a success. As the time moved on and today we see the application of best possible systems, tools, strategies and options are enabling the future path of BDF’s success story.

Established in 1977 and today Bastar Dairy Farm (BDF) is one of the largest dairy companies in South Chhattisgarh. Every day, we provide thousands of consumer’s valuable nutrition from milk. Not only in the form of milk itself, but with all kinds of dairy products we make from milk.

Our Objective, Our Strategy

The objective of BDF is nursing by nature. In everything we do, we aim to provide better nutrition for the world and good life for our farmers, today and in futures to come. This is our guiding line and the foundation of our strategy.

Bastar Dairy Farm

BDF supplies consumer products, such as Milk, Yogurt, Paneer, Khowa, Ghee, Lassi, Butter Milk, Ice Cream etc. for the professional market and hospitality sector. We have branches in around 30 places within Chhattisgarh and Orissa. We employ around 150 people.

Our Culture

BDF is bigger than milk and more than an additive. Every day we make an actual difference in the lives of thousands of people by supplying them class nutrition. We are purpose driven. We trust and respect. We focus on safety and health. Do you also want to change people lives with a career in the dairy industry – Come join us. Please check our career section.

Innovation in mind

We are proud of our corporate ethics and always explore to exceed expectations of be it our consumers, our farmers, our suppliers, our distributors, benchmark organizations or government - by striving for the highest quality and value possible. The key to achieve this is Innovation – which is followed in BDF’s daily work life.

Flash Back at History

Here are the important mile stones in the history of BDF, year on year basis:


Total number of branches 23.


Started packaged milk production from milk processing unit.


Product range included: Milk, Paneer, Khowa, Ghee, Curd, Sree Khand, Lassi


Opened first outlet apart from Main Branch in Vrindavan Colony, Jagdalpur.


Installed chilling units and started milk collection.


Automatic milking machine introduced.


Joining of fresh faces in leadership team.


Demand was soaring high in hospitality restaurants and sweets sector.


Moved the dairy farm to 4 acre land in the village called ‘Nakti Semra’ with 20 cows.


BDF founded in Jagdalpur by Mr. Mohammad Afzal Nagaria.

Our Team

We are a family tirelessly doing hard work to produce end product for you

Mr. Mohammad Afzal Nagaria


Mr. Mohammad Imran Nagaria

MD & Partner

Mr. Mohammad Gulzar Nagaria

MD & Partner

Mr. Ajay Tiwari

General Manager

Mr. Pawan Chandrakar

Marketing Manager

Mr. Bhupendra Gajbhiye


All Employees & Contractors

Team BDF

Founder Speech

“Our success is driven by a combination of factors. Our dedicated team under the leadership of our supportive and visionary management. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced processing plants. Our talent for innovation reinforced by world-class marketing and distribution expertise.”

Our Slogan

We Believe in Pure Customer Satisfaction


We devote ourselves to the people living in Chhattisgarh and bordering states by making available quality, Innovative and state of art products at highly affordable prices. We believe Opportunities don't happen. You create them.

Our Motto

Nothing is Impossible. It’s just a Mind game

Company Goal

    ► Increase Customer service  and Keep delivering the best quality products to be ahead in the competition

    ► Maximize Sales and make our dairy products reachable to maximum Villages, Towns & Cities

    ► Launch New products

    ► Be Best for Value

   ► provide healthy employment and learning platforms to the youths in the field of Dairy Engineering, Dairy Management and Marketing 

   ► Bring state of the art and innovative dairy engineering infrastructures from around the world and make Chhattisgarh the hub of India’s dairy industries.


    ► BDF Foundation has been established to improve the needy sections of the society. 

    ► Core objective of this foundation is to provide all possible support to Underprivileged Educational Institutions, Old Age Homes - Trusts & NGOs.